- The woody stem of camphor trees, which can be cut in any season of the year, is finely chopped and crushed.
- By distilling the crushed mixture, camphor oil is obtained in the form of ether oil.
- Obtained oil is used to make camphor spirit and medicine.
- Widely used in aromatic treatments, camphor oil has antiseptic, sedative, antirheumatic, stimulating, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.
Oil, which is used in the treatment of colds due to its nasal-opening effect, is the basic ingredient of many health products today.
- Used externally, camphor oil reduces inflammation, redness and swelling on the skin.
- Accelerates the healing process when applied to the damaged skin in blisters caused by herpes and fever.
Camphor oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, is good for all kinds of joint and muscle pain.
- It is a strong antiseptic and is especially effective in the treatment of calluses.
- The camphor oil, which is quickly absorbed by the skin, prevents inflammation.
- At the same time, due to its anti-inflammatory or cooling properties, it can be used against rheumatic diseases and muscle pains, as well as problems such as crushing, bruising and sprains that occur as a result of various sports and work accidents.