Our topic today is Eucalyptus in our column where we get to know the plants and vegetable oils that have become more popular in recent years.

Because it finds a place for itself in homes with its leaves as an ornamental plant, it is frequently used as an oil and it can be brewed into tea. Of course, the benefits of eucalyptus, where you can do all these and much more, are the reason why it is used so much.

Eucalyptus is a special plant from the myrtle family, native to Australia. The eucalyptus plant, which has more than 700 varieties in the world, finds its place among the tallest trees in the world with its height that can exceed 100 meters when the right conditions are met. It is also known by names such as malaria tree and desert currant.

The reason why this special plant has become more popular in recent years is that it has many beneficial effects on the human body, especially on the respiratory tract.

Eucalyptus is a special plant that has been shown to have positive effects especially on the respiratory tract. Here are the widely known benefits of this plant;

- Eucalyptus is preferred in respiratory diseases, especially in the upper respiratory tract, due to its expectorant effect.
- Provides a refreshing and refreshing effect when evaluated by taking a steam bath,
- Relieves sore throat,
- Balancing the blood sugar of those with high blood sugar, as it has a blood sugar-lowering effect,
- It shows antibacterial effects and thus helps the injured areas to heal faster.

Eucalyptus shows a natural pain reliever effect. For this reason, eucalyptus is among the plants that receive a lot of support medically. It can even be used in ointments.
It is not only good for wounds on the skin, but also very useful for common skin problems such as fungus.